Miles is an abnormally good natured twelve-year-old who navigates life along with squabbling twin neighbors Jake and Madison.

To Miles, what you see is what you get, what you think is what you say, and what you want is what you do.

This can be really funny…or really annoying…but usually both.

Miles has autism, and it affects just about everything he does. Sure, his friends think he’s “different,” but Miles secre¬tly knows THEY’RE the ones who are “different.”

And they pretty much are. Jake, Miles’ next-door neighbor and best bud, is the world’s biggest believer in “mind-expansion” and increased self-awareness through experience. Which means he is up for literally ANYTHING. Jake’s twin sister Madison is an easily annoyed perfectionist who obsesses about good causes and constantly prods Jake and Miles for help. Miles has a crush on her, so he usually helps. For better or worse.

Then there’s Miles’ little brother Declan who always tries to hang out with them, Richard the British kid who fancies himself an evil genius (he is), Gigi the happy fashionista with the crazy dog, and Howahkan the elderly neighbor who thinks he’s a Native American wisdom-giver.

Alongside this zany cast of odd neighborhood characters, Miles, Jake, and Madison find humor, adventure, and drama (lots of it) in just about everything they do.

Warrior Kidz is a male-skewing animated comedy (26×11’, ages 6-11) that represents a groundbreaking approach to diversity and inclusivity by portraying kids with disabilities as people defined by WHO they are, NOT by “what they have.”