Miles is an abnormally good natured twelve-year-old who navigates life along with squabbling twin neighbors Jake and Madison.

Miles lives in Orange County, CA, and he loves it. The sun, the beach, the mountains…he never runs out of things to do or places to go. AND, he’s got friends to experience it with! Even better, he’s got a BEST friend.


Jake LOVES thinking outside the box and is all about new ideas, new experiences, and constant self-improvement. Super positive and encouraging, his charisma makes him very popular among friends. Jake believes in the power of mind-expansion and positive energy, and it’s impossible to get him down or depressed. His constant search for out-of-the-ordinary experiences gets him into trouble, but his ability to charm people means he can get away with things most other kids can’t.

Including his twin sister Madison.

Madison is a hard-driving perfectionist who is obsessed with helping people and raising money for charity. She’s not always popular, but boy can she get things done (recent projects include an environmentally-conscious fashion line for poodles, avocado-flavored bottled water, and a ridesharing platform that utilizes skateboards instead of cars.)…but she usually needs help from Jake and Miles. Which means she has to put up with their idiosyncrasies.

If there’s a villain in the neighborhood, it would have to be Richard. 14, he’s a recent arrival from London and speaks with a highbrow British accent, looking down with disgust on everything and everyone. Except Madison. ‘Cuz he has a crush on her. And thinks the best way to impress her is to show off his smarts through brilliant problem solving. Which usually involves evil schemes.

Everyone’s FAVORITE neighbor is the elderly and possibly senile Howahkan (real name: Howard Gilliam). Howahkan is only 1/16 Cherokee but takes it all the way and plays the part of the ancient Native American sage, dispensing “wisdom” that is generally too vague to be of any use to anyone (i.e. “When the shadows are long over the hill, only winged ones take flight.”). The kids usually misinterpret his “wisdom” and end up in trouble.

Warrior Kidz is an offshoot of a name used to describe parents that fight the stigma of autism. Just like them, we hope to destroy the stigma of disabilities by showing that ALL kids are the same – quirky, silly, emotional, and TOTALLY unique!