Age 12

Jake, age 12, is incredibly earnest and insatiably positive. “Expand your life” is his motto, and he actively pursues any and all new experiences to achieve that goal – even if there doesn’t seem a particularly good reason to do so (like when he and Miles tested cleaning products on Madison’s new jacket).

Jake believes in the power of positive visualization and his dream is to become a social media influencer where he can share his positivity and experiences with others (after two years online, he only has 157 followers, but it’s a start). He wouldn’t mind getting famous either. He constantly uploads pics and videos, and he’s stoked that Miles goes places and does things that other people wouldn’t (makes for “awesome content!”).

Sometimes their adventures lead them into troubled waters (literally, like the time they tested an iguana’s swimming ability in a wealthy family’s private backyard pool), but Jake can usually talk his way out of sticky situations, as no one is immune to his charm and charisma.

Except Madison.