Age 12

Madison is Jake’s twin sister. She is super talented and super intelligent, and she knows it. She is EXTREMELY competitive and silently proud of her reputation as the “smart girl” who is “good at everything.”

Her pet peeve is stupidity, and she is annoyed by silliness. It even bothers her when people seem to be having too much fun. She gets REALLY annoyed by Jake’s whole positive thinking vibe and tells him that if positive thinking worked, he’d have a lot more than 157 followers on instagram.

Beneath her extreme Type A personality though, Madison has a very deep and empathetic heart. In fact, the one thing she’s MOST obsessive about is helping others (she thinks Jake helps no one at all with his “stupid” videos). Raising money for charity is almost instinctual for her by now, and even if it DOES occasionally require the use of strong-arm techniques or ethically questionable practices, she will do WHATEVER it takes to see a worthy project through.

Madison is pretty good at getting Jake and Miles to help her; it’s easy for her to persuade Miles (because he has a crush on her), and Jake usually goes along with them just because it represents a new experience…although sometimes Madison has to bribe him.

Even though Miles unintentionally annoys Madison on a regular basis (usually by accidentally doing something that’s less than perfect), she is his staunchest defender and will mercilessly berate, attack, and humiliate anyone who mistreats him.