Gigi, age 9, is a very happy, very blunt, very positive neighbor who has Down Syndrome and a heart of gold. She also has a crush on Miles, which Miles is completely oblivious to.

Gigi LOVES fashion and design and has chosen “famous clothing designer” as her future career. She has a very deep concern for those who do not know how to dress well and can’t wait to design stylish clothing for the “less fortunate” as she calls them.

Gigi likes to think out loud, and her thoughts sometimes accidentally help solve problems the other kids are having.

Her constant companion is her lab Elvis. She likes to translate Elvis’ barks, and depending on who you talk to, the translations are hilarious (Jake), annoying (Madison), illogical (Miles), or brilliant (Howahkan).


Richard is 14. He lives across the street from Miles, Madison and Jake. With a shock of blonde hair and a highbrow British accent, he thinks of himself as an evil genius and has a flair for the dramatic (he demands background music whenever he’s hatching an evil plot and likes playing the organ as he plans). He despises anything that is not exceptionally beautiful or “brilliant” – which means he despises almost everything.

Richard lives with his grandparents, a senile elderly British couple that thinks Americans are rather silly, mostly.

Richard regularly competes with Madison for “smartest” neighborhood kid status. He has a secret crush on Madison and thinks the best way to impress her is to show off his smarts through brilliant problem solving (Like the time he secretly clogged the main water line to her house and then miraculously diagnosed and fixed the problem in front of a parched Madison).

He generally treats Jake, Miles, and all other neighborhood kids with contempt and regularly uses sarcasm to demean them.


Howahkan (real name: Howard Gilliam) is the neighborhood’s resident weirdo. 66 years old (or somewhere around there), he’s only 1/16 Cherokee but takes his Native American heritage all the way, dressing authentically (sort’ve) and playing the part of the ancient sage (kind of).

Howahkan rides around on a scooter, causing traffic jams wherever he goes, and no one quite knows what he does/did for a living. Neighborhood adults think he’s a little nuts, but neighborhood kids look to him for advice…which is generally too vague or mundane to be of any use (i.e. “To experience nature, one must live long. But one cannot live long unless one has lived long in nature.”)

The kids usually misinterpret his “wisdom” and end up in trouble (Miles took the above quote and tried to live in nature…alone…for one year).