Declan is Miles’ five-year-old younger brother.

He hero-worships Miles and always tries to hang out with Miles, Jake, and Madison. Declan feels the need to prove himself to them. For example, if Miles and a group of “big kids” are gathered in a room, Declan might try to lift a forty-pound dumbbell in the corner, hoping somebody will notice him.

Declan’s attempts to impress others are often ill-conceived (hey, he’s only five) and end up doing more harm than good. Like the time he tried to warm everyone on Christmas Eve by making a fire all by himself…that burned the house down.


Miles’ dad is a stay-at-home engineer. He pretty much lives in his office. No one is exactly sure what he does. He occasionally pops his head out and smiles distantly while scratching his head. After saying a comment or two (that no one understands), he’ll disappear back into the office.

Miles’ mom is an open-minded hippie who thinks any experience is a good one. She doesn’t mind it when Miles experiences new things, even if it means trouble or danger (she actually kinda encourages it). She works as a college professor (child psychology) and is a RABID sports fan who especially follows the LA Clippers. And the LA Dodgers. And the LA Rams. And the LA Kings.