Warrior Kidz is an animated TV series comprised of twenty-six, 11-minute episodes targeted at ages 6-11. Warrior Kidz is an offshoot of a name long used to describe a movement of parents that fight the stigma of autism for their children. Just like them, we hope to destroy the stigma surrounding autism and other disabilities by showing that ALL kids are the same – quirky, moody, silly, emotional, and TOTALLY hilarious!

Warrior Kidz embraces each child as an individual and refuses to use a different set of rules in portraying kids with disabilities. By presenting people as WHO they are instead of what they HAVE, we are creating a groundbreaking show that takes inclusion, diversity, and acceptance to the next level.

There are two objectives for this show:

  1. Eliminate the gap between “typical” children and those who are “different.”
  2. Super watchable, super relatable, super funny.

Pilot Script and Bible available.